Soly Melamed, M.D.

Dr. Soly Melamed received his medical education in Paris, France. He has 50 years of experience in medical practice, bringing together the best features of diagnostic medicine from Europe and the United States. Dr. Soly Melamed is a family medicine doctor in Beverly Hills, California and is affiliated with Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center. Visit:

(310) 657-8585

150 N Robertson Blvd,
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Suite 115

Education & Experience

1953-1960 All Medical education in Paris, medical graduation thesis, presided by Emeritus Professor Marcel Lelong.

1960-1964 Residency in various medical departments with Professor Lelong.

1980-1981 Internship at Wadsworth VA and UCLA Medical Centers


Internal Medicine