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A Class A Facility Where doctors can focus on whats most important: their patients.

A world-class facility is a keystone in world-class care. The best physicians build a proper support infrastructure around themselves, allowing them to focus on what matters most: their patients. The Beverly Hills Medical Plaza is a critical component in that infrastructure, giving doctors a beautiful, comfortable space in which to perform their expertise.

The Beverly Hills Medical Plaza prides itself on its care for each tenant and respect for all patients. Many of the current physician tenants have been with BHMP for quite a long time, each one knowing that quality, care, and integrity are paramount. Today, the Beverly Hills Medical Plaza serves premier physicians and discerning patients in the Beverly Hills, Westside, and Hollywood areas.

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The plan was to build a beautiful medical building that was both patient-friendly and efficient for physicians.

– BHMP Founder, Howard R. Bierman M.D.

Beverly Hills Medical Plaza was the dream of the late Howard R. Bierman M.D.

Howard R. Bierman, M.D was a bio-chemist, oncologist, hematologist, aviator, inventor and a wonderful father and family man. He envisioned the Beverly Hills Medical Plaza as a Center of Medical Excellence, where medicine would be practiced in a new manner that saves costs and allows a new focus on health and prevention. In order to realize his dream, Dr. Bierman enlisted the help of his children, Dana Bierman and Tracey Darroll, who were real estate professionals.

Dr. Bierman gave a strong mandate to the top architectural firm in Los Angeles, Gensler and Associates, to create a Class A building that was distinctive, light, airy and cheerful. With continued guidance and inspiration from Dr. Bierman, Gensler architect Andrew Cohen created a wonderful open light pink granite medical building, with a skylighted, three-story glass atrium and waterfall in its center. Constructed between 1987 and 1989, Beverly Hills Medical Plaza opened in the early fall of 1989 to a virtually fully leased building.

Since that time, Beverly Hills Medical Plaza has been home to some of the most prestigious physicians in the world, offering patients an elevated level of boutique patient experience. In fact, patients from all over the world fly in to receive treatment at Beverly Hills Medical Plaza, taking advantage of its private, beautiful visage and the unquestionable expertise of its physicians.

Howard R. Bierman, M.D. was a bio-chemist, oncologist, hematologist, aviator, inventor and a wonderful father and family man.

Beverly Hills Medical Plaza Our Amenities

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On-site pharmacy For your convenience, we offer an on-site Pharmacy

As a one-stop healthcare destination, the Beverly Hills Medical Plaza on-site pharmacy delivers swiftly filled prescriptions, a large selection of over-the-counter medications, cold beverages and variety of snacks, greeting card selection, and prescription delivery. There is no detail too small in providing the best of Beverly Hills concierge service.

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our pharmacy

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Contact your doctor's office to find out if your doctor offers parking validation.

Visitor parking Convenient
underground parking for all patients of the building.

$2.50 every 15 minutes with a daily maximum of $22.50. Cash or credit cards accepted.

Complimentary valet parking is available on Parking Level 2.